Border guards rescued two illegal migrants, one died because of overcooling


On March 14, 2013 at 10 p.m. border detail of BS “Novoselytsya” (Transcarpathian oblast) detected three persons without documents high in the mountains 50 meters before the border. Unfamiliar persons were dressed in light clothes and were in the state of strong over-cooling. Regarding complicated weather conditions: heavy wind, air temperature – 5 degrees below zero, snow covering of more than 70 cm and ice-crusted ground, owing to peculiarities of the relief of mountainous locality – the service car could not get to the place of detection of unknown persons. Thus, a decision was made to send three border details with warm clothes and means of first aid towards the group. Besides, an ambulance was called for from Perechyn Central Regional Hospital.

During the trip to the nearest populated area, one of the migrants became unconscious. Border guards gave first medical aid, however they could not recover his consciousness. Border guards had to take the senseless refugee in their hands. The doctors of the first aid stated the death of unfamiliar person, probably from over-cooling. Two more detainees being in dangerous state were delivered on the hands to Border Service Subdivision, where medical men provided them with necessary aid. Now, detainees are in the serious health state of over-cooling.

During the advance interview, it was established that unknown persons were citizens of Sri Lanka, they intended to get to one of EU countries. The smugglers assisted them in crossing the border, probably these were local residents from the nearest populated areas.

Border guards informed about the accident to law enforcement agencies of Transcarpathian oblast. Investigatory actions are started.