Two “divers” running from border guards were detained in Transcarpathia


Border guards of BS “Dilove” Mukachevo Detachment detected “divers”.

Three men wearing hydro costumes were found on the bank of the river Tysa. However, seeing border guards violators tried to disappear down along the stream. But the border guards caught up the runaways and two of them were apprehended. The men did not have any documents, but they introduced themselves as the citizens of Ukraine. Detainees were delivered by the border detail to the subdivision in order to establish the personality and circumstances of the infringement. Now, the searches of the third “diver” go on.

It should be mentioned that it is not the first case when the workers of State Border Service detain trespassers at the border in hydro costumes. As a rule, these detainees intend to smuggle cigarettes through the rives and often resist border guards.