Two Moldavians got to Ukraine by minibus


Two violators intending to get through Ukrainian-Moldavian border were apprehended by the border guards of Chop Detachment in the evening. The men arrived to the check point “Rososhany” by the minibus of Moldavian registration and chose the line “green corridor”. During the check of the documents, they tried to avoid border-customs registration and attempted to get to the territory of Ukraine. The senior border guard of the details immediately gave a command “Barrier” and means of compulsory stop were installed. However, the driver and the passenger turned back and tried to escape already at the territory of Moldavia, but soon they were apprehended by the law enforcement agents. While detained, the men were arguing at the border detail and threatened them. As it was established both men were with the clear signs of alcohol drunkenness. It was also cleared out that one of the trespassers was the citizen of Moldova. According to the words of another man, he was also Moldavian, but he travelled with someone’s passport for travelling abroad. The protocols on administrative infringement commitment were processed against violators, who were also handed over to police officers.