All refugees in Transcarpathia will be provided with accommodation and even jobs


The chief of the oblast Aleksandr Ledyda by his Order № 92 from March 25 approved “Regional plan of actions on integration of refugees and persons in need of subsidiary protection into Ukrainian society”.

The Plan is designed up to 2020, but the most of his points start to work already since the next year, 2014. The executors are Regional State Administration, Municipal Executive Committees, structural subdivisions of Regional State Administration as well as oblast establishments and organizations.

The first item of the Plan is more or less concrete: “Ensure with development of the network of the centers of temporary accommodation for the refugees in the regions of their biggest concentration”. In practice, as mentioned in the document, it means that to not only study appropriateness of the capacity increase of the existed temporary camp for refugees and “create minimal reserve fund (social housing) (3-4 dorm rooms of hotel type) in Uzhgorod for short-term accommodation of persons applied for refugee status or persons in need of subsidiary protection and is in complicated life situation” as well as to create in Uzhgorod (!) Temporary Accommodation Centre for 25 persons forming crisis centers for their temporary provision with housing.

No less unequivocal is item 6: “Establish … TAC for children-refugees and children recognized as persons in need of subsidiary protection and children separated from their families submitting application on recognition them as refugees or persons in need of subsidiary protection.” This suggests to “defining objects on the base of which reconstruction or building of additional corpuses of TAC is possible in Transcarpathian region.”

The fourth item: “Promote voluntary resettlement and employment of the refugees and persons in need of subsidiary protection in the rural area”. In practice, it means “to examine the issue on employment of refugees and persons in need of subsidiary protection, their voluntary resettlement to rural area, create corresponding data base on presence of free housing including in the remote districts for possible resettlement of refugees” and “examine the issue on introduction of forms of temporary subsidiary assistance”. As to Oblast State Administration chairman’s opinion it does not need any financing.

One more item of the Plan, the fifth one: “Work out the problem on housing provision of refugees and persons in need of subsidiary protection at depressive regions”. As it is known, the mountainous territories are the depressive regions. Thus, instead of communications installation there, investors should be attracted, reaction is developed; the present power of Party of Regions wants to create there reservations for the migrants from the third world. Probably businessmen, who have already bought land and are going to create resort, should be especially happy and thankful.

It is common knowledge that now families almost cannot take an opportunity of preferential housing grant under as if acting programme of Youth Crediting, in particular “Accessible housing”. But on the other hand item 7 of Ledyda’s Plan obliges concrete officials “conduct separate meeting on complex of problems concerning the creation of regional programme “Accessible housing” for refugees and persons in need of subsidiary protection, other vulnerable persons”.

There are 10 items in the Plan. The second item, for example, stipulates the functioning of “adaptation courses on learning Ukrainian language, History, Culture, Governmental state of Ukraine, labour, education, health care and social support legislation” in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Perechyn. They shall start working since the beginning of June of the present year. The payment will be done in the frames of budget financing defined for realization of the actions of the Regional Plan.

Special attention is paid to children-refugees and those one who submitted applications on such a status. According to the Plan, it is necessary to analyse how are they protected by the legislation, to conduct sociologic investigation, elaborate scientific recommendation, learn the level of pre-school preparation and provide with all conditions for studying, up bringing and adaptation in Ukrainian society. In addition to this work probation period is planned, then employment, attraction of students and graduates of Transcarpathian higher educational establishments.

The migrants, in particular in Transcarpathia, are in the status of illegal migrants, they are also human beings and they escape their countries not from good life.

There is International legislation, obligations of Ukraine, after all there are defined means of charity and international funds granted for the action connected with illegal migrants, refugees. However, whether government considers opinion and interests of Transcarpathians, who by repeated protests achieved the closing of Temporary Detention Centre “Pavshyno” on the territory of the oblast and blocked the attempts to build new ones more than once?

Besides, on February 26 (a month before the Order of chairman of OSA) the chief of head Department of State Migration Service of Ukraine in the oblast Igor Mykhailyshyn has informed journalists about the fact that at present time there is no necessity to open centres for illegal migrants in the area as the facility in Lutsk corresponds to all standards and it is almost always not filled.

Obviously, someone wants very much to turn Transcarpathia into a settler keeping illegal migrants directly near the border and provoking new and new attempts of its crossing – big money is involved in this affair.

Vitaliy Skoryk,
«Staryi Zamok»