Mother with two daughters from Afghanistan were apprehended at the border in Transcarpathia


In the area of BS “Velykyi Bereznyi” border guards detected three persons. Border detail noticed the movement of unfamiliar persons towards Ukrainian-Slovakian border with the help of night vision device. The group of “travellers” intended to run, but soon were detained by the detail. All detainees were women of the age 48, 21 and 18 years old. Illegal migrants reported that they were citizens of Afghanistan and made their way to the countries of Western Europe in the search of better life. They could not confirm their citizenship by documents, but one of them admitted that she was the mother of two other travellers.

Administrative and procedural documents were processed against detainees for the attempt to cross the state border illegally. Decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be defined by the court.