Georgians were spotted at the border in Transcarpathian and Syrian was noticed in Bulgarian

At about 4 a.m. border detail of BS Guta detected two men with the help of thermal imager, who were moving towards the state border. Operative group with the service dog started for detention of unfamiliar persons. The dog found the footsteps of the strangers and brought border guards to the trespassers who left 400 to reach Ukrainian-Slovakian bored. Two detained men were the citizens of Georgia. They marked European Union to be their final point of destination.
At the same time border guards of BS Chop showed their professionalism during the border control of the train “Moscow-Budapest”. The thing was that during the documents check the passport of the citizen of Bulgaria made border guards doubting in possible forgery. In a result of document examination the suspicious of the inspectors were proved because it was established that the page with constituent data of the person contained signs of the forgery.
In reality, as law enforcement agents managed to establish the bearer of the passport was the citizen of Syria.
Administrative-procedural documents were processed against all violators. Decision on responsibility before the law as to the detainees will be defined by the law.