Four citizens of Afghanistan paid $ 44 000 for unsuccessful trip


Border guards of Chop Detachment detained four citizens of Afghanistan who wished to get to Hungary through the river Tysa. The border guards now are establishing the  ways they planned to overcome rather serious water barrier. At about 3 a.m. border detail patrolling the area of BS Salovka detected the trespassers nearby the border with the help of thermal imager. Operative group with the service dog started to the place immediately and in 10 minutes they already had communicated with the violators. Detainees were a family – husband and wife together with their daughter and son (1996 and 1998 DOB). However, as in most cases, none of them  could prove their personality, age and citizenship documentally, and the country  of their birth they named Afghanistan.  The happiness seekers also reported to the border guards that they paid $ 11 thousand for each to unknown persons for their trip to EU countries.  At the present moment border guards carry out checking and administrative-procedural actions. Further destiny of the detainees and measure of their punishment will be defined by the court.