June 20 – World Refugee Day


June 20, according to UNO Resolution from December 4, 2000 the world celebrates World Refugee Day.

Refugees are the persons forced to leave their country due to the grounded fairs to become a victim of persecution for reasons of race, religion, citizenship, membership to certain social group or political beliefs.

The rights of the refugees and terms of refugee status granting are stipulated in 1951 Convention on Refugee Status and 1967 Protocol to it. Ukraine joined to these international agreements in 2002.

According to data of UNHCR, nowadays there are more than 200 million refugees registered in the world and about 25 million more are internally displaced persons.

Heading course of European Integration, in the course of the last years Ukraine has made a sufficient steps to bring the asylum institute to world standards. After creation of State Migration Service in December 2010, a principally new law “About refugees and persons in need of temporary or subsidiary protection” was adopted and started to act in Ukraine in 2011. This law has introduced refugee status as well as temporary and subsidiary protection and brought criteria, terms and procedures on protection granting to international standards and requirements of 1951 Convention on Refugee Status.

Nowadays, refugees are equated in their rights to ones of the citizens of Ukraine. By the beginning of 2013, about 2500 persons were registered in Ukraine. Only during 2012, 152 persons were granted refugee status or subsidiary protection. The largest number of migrants arrived from such countries as Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria.

During the consideration of applications received by the sub-departments of State Migration Service of Ukraine, its workers are guided by the norms of Ukrainian legislation, principles of objectivity, confidentiality, equality and humanism. Altogether, information submitted by the applicant is checked carefully with the aim to avoid abuse connected with protection granting. Decision on refugee status granting or status of person in need of subsidiary protection is accepted collectively after examination of all circumstances and present information. Any discrimination or preference based on the country of origin or other characteristics are completely excluded.

The important priority in the work of State Migration Service of Ukraine with the refugees is their integration into Ukrainian society. In August 2012, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passed Resolution # 605-p by which Plan of Action was approved aimed at integration of refugees and persons in need of subsidiary protection into Ukrainian society for the period until 2020. The Plan foresees improvement of normative and legal base ensuring realization of refugees’ rights, development of international cooperation, events on formation of tolerate treatment of refugees in Ukrainian society, provision with education of Ukrainian language, history, culture and legislation, assistance in employment of refugees, etc..

In the frames of realization of above mentioned actions, Migration Service actively cooperates with Representation of UNHCR, non-governmental organizations and charity funds.

Source: http://dmsu.gov.ua/novyny/novyny-dms-ukrainy/1431-20-chervnya-vsesvitnij-den-bizhentsiv