Syrian and Gambian getting to EU were detained in Transcarpathia


Africans want to get to EU through Transcarpathia in any way.

Border detail of BS “Uzhgorod” apprehended two men in the area of Chop Border Detachment, who were travelling to the countries of EU in an unusual way.

One of them was noticed in Uzhgorod. He was the citizen of Syria. The man had permanent certificate on residence in Moldova. During the interview at the border subdivision, where Syrian was invited for clarification of the circumstances, he reported that he intended to get to the countries of Western Europe. Administrative documents were prepared as to the detainee.

The other violator was detained not far from Uzhgorod. Local residents informed law enforcement agents about appearance of unfamiliar person in the border region. The man was stopped just when he was getting to the border line. Detainee did not have any documents; however, he introduced himself as the citizen of Gambia.