Ukraine gained the lead as to the number of migrants Europe


About 204 thousand citizens of Ukraine were granted permission on stay in the countries of European Union in 2011.

As it became known from promulgated annual report of European Commission on issues of migration and refugees on June 17 in Brussels, Ukrainians compose the biggest group of legal migrants in EU.

India (179 000), China (153 000) and Morocco (120 000).

Only 2,5 million persons received residence permission in European Union for the first time in 2011. The total number of legal migrants not having citizenship in EU countries comprises 4,1% out of the general population of European Union. The third of them arrived there enjoying the right of family reunification, a quarter came to work. 21% migrants were students, the rest had moved to EU in the search of political asylum or for other reasons. In Germany 5,7% of population does not have citizenship of any EU member-states.

The report of European Commission notes that in 2012 – 316 000 persons were rejected in entering the territory of EU , namely in Spain. About 427 000 persons were apprehended by the law enforcement bodies for illegal migration. In 2011 the cases of detention were approximately less in 40 000.  

It should be marked that about 2,5 million Ukrainians are beyond the border of Ukraine on earnings, more than a half of them are illegal migrants.  This information was published on May 27 by the experts of International Organization on Migration.

Ukrainians abroad officially sent to their families $7,5 billion of money transfers, and some less $ 1 billion – made illegal transfers. However, labour migrants will have to pay taxes for the amounts sent to Ukraine.