Five citizens of Afghanistan laid their way to Europe with the help of the map and the Internet

03-07- 2013

Four Georgians were apprehended by the border guards of State Border Service in Transcarpathia. The men of the age from 23 to 31 intended to get to Slovakia avoiding the meeting with the law enforcement agents. The trespassers were stopped 600 m before the state border by the border guards of BS “Guta”. They did not have any documents, however they introduced as the citizens of Georgia. In the course of the interview the border guards established that “travelers” made their way to neighboring country to be employed. The route was laid with the help of the Internet via mobile phone. The men took taxi getting to the suburb of Uzhgorod in order not to be caught. Paying the taxi driver they continued their way on foot, but the meeting with the border guards happened.

The other “migrant worker” from Georgia making his way to Slovakia was apprehended by the border guards of BS “Tysa” of Chop Detachment. 26-year-old had not reached 700 m to the border. During the verification action it became known that he used railway transport while traveling, and finally he hired taxi with the help of which he arrived to Chop. From there, as his predecessors, he decided to reach the border on foot. Detainee had a map of automobile roads of Ukraine, which he bought for orientation.