Citizens of Moldova were getting to Poland and Belarus


 Border guards of State Border Service appreheneded 2 citizens of Moldova in Lviv oblast. Information about the trespassers was received by district inspector of BS “Salashi”. The man and woman were moving by the car of Ukrainian registration driven by the Ukrainian. They left 600 m to reach the border on Poland. At the present moment, all circumstances of the infringement are established.   

One more Moldavian was detained in Zhyomyr oblast by the workers of Department of Border Service “Ovruch”. The man was stopped early in the morning on the way to Ukrainian populated area Vystupovychi and Belarus one Nova Rudna 200 m before the border line. As it was learned by the border guards, the violator decided to avoid the check points because the day before they did not admit the citizen of Moldova to cross the state border as he violated the rules of preliminary stay.