Policeman was condemned in Uzhgorod who assisted hundred of illegal migrants to get to EU


Former worker of police is condemned according to the materials of SSU, who participated in illegal transportation of illegal migrants through the state border of Ukraine to the countries of European Union.

A sentence of Uzhgorod Municipal Regional Court of Transcarpathian oblast came into force concerning the former worker of Mezhgorskiy Regional Police Department who abusing the service state assisted in smuggling illegal migrants through the state border of Ukraine in the composition of criminal grouping.     

Transcarpathian resident was one of the organizers of this unlawful deal, who in the beginning of 2007 together with the Kyiv inhabitant (woman) – citizen of Vietnam – established the international channel of illegal transportation of the migrants from South-Eastern Asia.

In total, the criminal grouping consisted of 10 persons, among which there was a resident of Cherkassy, Kyiv, Summy and Transcarpathian oblasts.

Malefactors acted according to a concrete scheme.

They used terminology only understandable for them. The citizen of Vietnam together with the accomplices formed groups of illegal migrants in Moscow, she controlled their smuggling through Russian-Ukrainian state border and secret delivery to Kyiv. Her partner together with other malefactors organized transportations of illegal migrants from to Kyiv to Transcarpathia and their transportations through Ukrainian-Slovakian state border.

Usually illegal migrants were smuggled at night at preliminary agreed route. For one time the lorry delivered about 20 to 30 foreigners from Kyiv oblast.

The duty of the police officer was to ensure the smooth movement of the lorry with illegal migrants along the territory of border area.

In June 2007 in the village Maidan, Mezhgorskyi region SSU officers detained the lorry. 43 persons – Indians, Pakistanis and Vietnamese hided in the specially equipped cache, who were accompanied by three citizens of Ukraine.

SSU inspectors proved that criminal grouping smuggled almost 200 illegal migrants through the state border in the course of four months.

During pre-trial investigation all persons participated in this unlawful affair were established as well as the police officer.

Uzhgorod Municipal Regional Court found former police officer guilty according to Part 1 Article 225 (creation of criminal organization), Part 2 Article 332 (illegal transportation of persons through the state border according to the preliminary agreement by group of persons) and Part 3 Article 364 (abuse of power and service position) of Criminal Code of Ukraine and was sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years with probation period for years.

The other malefactors were previously convicted according to Part 1 Article 255 and Part 2 Article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine to different terms of imprisonment from 3 to 5 years.

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/137591