SSU disclosed channel of organizers of illegal migration


SSU officers in Transcarpathia region apprehended three local residents that were suspected in organization of international smuggling channel of illegal migrants through the state border of Ukraine.

In the end of May of the present year, operative group of SSU detained two cars in one of the populated areas of Vynohradiv region in which members of the grouping transported four citizens of Sri Lanka and one Pakistani. Then the malefactors planned to smuggle illegal migrants through Ukrainian-Hungarian border beyond the check point. Illegal migrants made their way to the countries of European Union choosing Ukraine as a transit territory.

A criminal case was commenced concerning the detained citizens of Ukraine according to Part 3 Article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction of the Article foresees punishment in the form of imprisonment for 7 to 9 years.

 According to the court decision, preventive measure was chosen as two malefactors – imprisonment , the third one – was sentenced to pay the fine in the sum of 22 000 UAH.

 Illegal migrants were handed over to State border Service of Ukraine for deportation from the territory of Ukraine.