Guinean jumped out of the train to get to Hungary


Information about the man jumping out of the train was received by the border guards from the conductor. Soon, law enforcement agents detained “runaway passenger” 100 m before the border line. He was the citizen of Guinea.

As it was learned soon, detainee arrived to Ukraine for studies some years ago. He decided to “visit” Hungary and was registered at the border according to his passport. However, he showed forged certificate of the citizen of France in the Hungarian check point. That was the reason of his return. Nevertheless, the man made a decision not to give up and while returning he jumped out of the train “Zahon-Chop” already at Ukrainian territory and continued his trip to Hungary.

Some more “travellers” were apprehended by the border guards of the same detachment. Late at night they stopped two unfamiliar persons 300 m before the border.  Detainees were the citizens Cote d’Ivoire and Somalia.

In generally, since the beginning of the present year, SBSU workers apprehended 716 illegal migrants, 300 out of them were apprehended for illegal cross of the state border, almost 400 for the violation of the rules on stay, and 15 more for other infringements. Besides, about 1830 potential illegal migrants were rejected in entering the country.