Repeatedly detained “tourists” from Russia attempted to injure themselves demonstartively


As it was informed by State Border Service of Ukraine, two citizens of Russia were detected at the railway station of the town of Uzhgorod. Interviewed migrants from Ossetia and Ingushetia reported that they arrived to Transcarpathia as tourist. Nevertheless, in some time, border detail caught them nearby the state border. Then, the violators confessed in their intentions to get to European Union.

The next day, Municipal District Court fined them in the sum of 3400 UAH each and made a decision about compulsory return. The men were taken to the train. However, the citizens of Russia persisted in their return back home. They got out at the first nearest station, took a taxi and made their way again to the border. Soon, the trespassers were stopped again by the law enforcement agents of Chop Detachment together with the police officers at the control post “Perechyn”. After that, detainees were delivered to border subdivision. Already there, probably for intimidation of the border guards and aiming at carrying out demonstrative actions, the men took out of the pocket prepared pieces of the blade and made themselves slight injures of soft tissues of the forearms. Provocative actions were stopped by the border guards at once, the first medical aid was rendered immediately and the ambulance was called for delivering the violators to the hospital. It was established that made injures were not dangerous for their health and did not need any hospitalization. In some time, detainees again found themselves in the border subdivision.