Issues on counteraction to illegal migration are discusses in State Border Service


On the initiative of Border Department, a common meeting took place in the Administration of State Border Service of Ukraine at the participation of the representatives of SSU, MOI, State Migration Service and Ministry of Education. In the course of the action the following activities were carried out: analysis of migration situation in Ukraine, problems in organization of counteraction to illegal migration as well as definition of further directions of joint work. Hearing in the regimen of videoconference became the peculiarity of the meeting during which there was presentation of the state of the fight against illegal migration in each of the regional departments of Border Administration.

During the meeting it was stated that in a result of applied actions in the course of the last years the flow of illegal migrants to EU countries had been sufficiently limited. However, the problem is left to be actual. According to the words of the chief of SBSU, general-colonel Pavlo Shysholin, migration situation in Ukraine has experienced certain changes. Besides, there was reorientation on transportation of the citizens from post Soviet countries, first from Georgia, Russia and Moldova; the number of cases had been increased as to use of the procedure of legal entrance, student channel and use of the procedure on granting refugee status for temporary legalization of the foreigners in Ukraine, besides, the citizens of Somalia, Afghanistan and Vietnam. The tendency is worth attention as to the growth in the flow of the citizens of Syria.

Finishing the activity, the participants made agreement to strengthen the system of actions on the counteraction to this phenomenon in all directions. Special attention will be paid to student-foreigners having intention to study on the territory of Ukraine and to that category of foreigners that enter Ukraine on legal basis, however, in future they enrich the number of illegal migrants. In the end of the meeting a protocol was signed up, simultaneously all sounded problem points on interworking would be solved by working groups according to directions of responsibility.