Two Cameroons and two Syrians were detained in Lviv oblast


Border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment apprehended two women from Cameroon and two persons from Syria that intended to cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border with forged documents.

Two women arrived by the regular bus “Kherson-Cologne” through the check point “Krakivets” presented to the border detail passports of the citizens of Bulgaria. However, during the check of the presented documents doubts were called as to their validity. Doubts were confirmed after technical examination of the passports when border guards established that they were completely forged. Later on, the women said that they were the citizens of Cameroon.

The same day, in the check point “Shegeni” the man and the woman travelling by the minibus “Mercedes” gave for the control passports for travelling abroad of the citizens of Spain. Soon, it was learned that both of them were the citizens of Syria.

All persons were detained in administrative order aiming at identification and establishment of the circumstances of the infringement for the period of 3 days and they were placed at TDC of Mostytskyi Detachment.