Tent camp for illegal migrants is liquidated in Moscow


Tent cam was liquidated in Moscow being constructed in the beginning of August for illegal migrants by the staff of Ministry of Emergence Situations.

As it was informed by Moscow Department of MOI, the part of the migrants kept in the camp were deported, and the rest of them 234 persons were transferred to Holding Centers for Foreign Citizens in the village of Severnyi. According to the words of police officers it will permit to speed up the procedure of their identification in the data base and processing of documents for their deportation.

Department marks that the centre is calculated for 400 persons. Besides, additional army tents for migrants will be constructed just on its territory and as far as the persons are released from the main corpus the migrants will be transferred there.

Since the moment of its appearance, the camp for illegal migrants in Goly’yanovo was the object of criticism on the part of human rights organizations announcing about unacceptability of living conditions in it. Besides, its doubtful legal status was marked as in the present legislation construction of the similar camps is nohow regulated. In its turn, FMS declared that before placing to the camp the majority of the migrants had to live in worse conditions.

The tent camp in Gol’yanovo in the east of Moscow was build on August 1, connected with the lack of places at specialized centers for those migrants who were the subject to deportation. Its construction preceded police raids along Moscow markets, according to their results more than a thousand and a half persons were arrested, the sufficient part of which stayed in the country illegally. Fight at Matveev market, in the course of which the police officers received a head injury, became a reason of the checks became.

Source: http://korrespondent.net/world/russia/1594455-v-moskve-likvidirovali-palatochnyj-lager-dlya-nelegalov