Attempt of Somalis to attack Transcarpathian mountains failed


Border guards of BS “Styzhytsya” in Velykyi Bereznyi region apprehended two men from African continent that intended to get to the territory of EU beyond the check point. Considering the experience of the first attempt of their trip to European Union, the border guards of BS “Guta” prevented them and tourists decided to travel now through the mountains. Laying a new route with the help of the Internet, the men used the service of the taxi, which delivered them to Velykui Bereznyi. Then they walked on foot. However, at the approaches to the state border they were apprehended by the detail of border subdivision. The men confessed that they made their way to Slovakia. They did not have any documents and reported to the border guards that they were the citizens of Somalia. Detainees were delivered to the subdivision, corresponding administrative and procedural document were processed as to the attempt to cross the state border illegally. Decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be decided by the court.