Trying to counteract criminal intentions, border guards faced malicious resistance of unknown persons

29-08- 2013

Beforehand, border guards received information about possible transportation of illegal migrants. At about 1 a.m. in the area of the village Zhornava, Perechyn region, Transcarpathian oblast of BS “Stuzhytsya” of Chop Detachment border guards detected the movement of suspicious car in which probably stayed illegal migrants, however the driver ignored the demands on car stop increasing the speed and knocking off the lifting gate of railway crossing and made his way towards the populated area..

Law enforcement agents organized the pursuit of the car, but the driver had time to drop to the yard of the private house. Then, two men came out of the car and two more persons ran out of the attached territory that started to put up the resistance to law enforcement agents. Some shoots were thundered toward the border guards. Two officers of BS “V.Bereznyi” arrived to help border guards. Unfamiliar persons continued aggressive actions and even tried to drag in the car on which they arrived to attached territory of the house with the help of the lorry. Only after the warning shoot up, the malefactors refused from their intentions.

The border guards had already informed Perechyn MOI about the accident. The operative group of MOI arrived to the place of the incident and helped come down aggressive persons. Public Prosecutor’s Office in Transcarpathian oblast was also informed on this point. Operative and investigation actions go on.