Migrants from Africa “got lost” at the border


Four migrants from Africa were apprehended by the border guards of BS “Smilnytsya” of Mostytskyi Detachment. Information about appearance of foreign citizens nearby the Ukrainian populated area Terlo was received beforehand. Soon, the travelers were stopped for the check.  As it was established they did not have any documents identifying their personality but according to their words they originated from Cameroon and Guinea. Detainees also confessed that they intended to cross the state borer illegally in order to get to the countries of European Union. Administrative documents were prepared as to foreign citizens.

Two more citizens of Armenia together with 8-year-old child tried to cross the state border were detained the same by the border guards of BS “Palad Komarivtsi” of Chop Detachment. As to the words of the husband and wife, they also planned to get to one of the countries of European Union in the search of better destiny.

Source: http://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/about/news/news_2350.htm