SSU stopped the smuggling channel to Slovakia


According to the materials of SSU in Transcarpathian oblast, the organizer of the criminal grouping and his assistant were convicted in smuggling illegal migrants through the state border.

Sentence of Uzhgorod Municipal Court came into force concerning 41-year-old resident of Perechyn region and his 37-year-old countryman, who transported citizens of Afghanistan through Ukrainian-Slovakian border in the composition of criminal group.

In October 2012, this citizen being tried before for illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukrainian, he agreed to take a group of illegal migrants – 5 citizens of Afghanistan to Slovakia beyond the check points for $5000. In order to realize his intentions, he drew in two countrymen as well as the inhabitant of Uzhgorod region and resident of Lviv oblast. One of the accomplices met the group of illegal migrants in the village of Nyznie Vorota, Volovets region and took them secretly by the car to bathhouse that belonged to the parents of the organizer. In some days the malefactors, among whom there was a deputy of one of Municipal Councils, “provided” with smuggling of 5 Afghans though the state border of Ukraine to Slovakia.

On October 26, the organizer gave instructions to the members of the criminal group to meet three more citizens of Afghanistan at the railway station “Svalyava”, who arrived there by the train “Moscow-Uzhgorod”.

One day the organizer had to deliver illegal migrants to before agreed place and hand migrants to their accomplices for illegal transportation of Afghanis to Slovakia.

On October 30, 2012 a car driven by the organizer with illegal migrants was detained by the officers of SSU in Transcarpathian region.

Later on, law enforcement agents apprehended other persons involved in unlawful activity. Uzhgorod Municipal Court adjudged guilty the organizer of the criminal activity and his 37-year-old accomplice according to Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine (illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine) and sentenced them to 5 year of imprisonment with probation period of 2 years.

Criminal cases as to other 3 members of this criminal group are now considered by the court.