Detained illegal migrants from Afghanistan detained in Chernihiv oblast were passed to Russian Federation


The process of readmission of the group of illegal migrants was completed in Chernihiv oblast, namely of 24 citizens of Afghanistan recently apprehended in the course of joint actions of Chernihiv Detachment and SSU officers in the area of BS “Girsk”.

Reminding, violators – 18 men, 2 women and 4 children – were detected and detained in the suburb of the village Makhovyky, Krjukiv region. All detained migrants stayed for a durable time on the territory of Russian Federation, from where they intended to get to Ukraine. After establishing the circumstances of the infringement and clarification of constituent data, a process of readmission was commenced against each detainee.

The representatives of Border Service of Russia, studying presented undoubted evidences for consideration on staying by the group of detainees at Russian territory in the frames of Agreement between the government of Russian Federation and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “About readmission”, accepted all detained citizens of Afghanistan.