Transcarpathian humane court sentenced smugglers to three years of imprisonment conditionally


Five members of criminal group were condemned, who tried to smuggle illegal migrants through the state border of Ukraine.

Sentence of Uzhgorod Municipal Regional Court came into force concerning the organized criminal grouping that transported illegally migrants to neighboring country. The grouping was composed of five local residents, including former police man, headed by 35-year-old unemployed man, who agreed to organize illegal transportation through Ukrainian-Slovakian border the migrants from the countries of Ethiopia and Somalia for $ 8000. The organizer attracted his brother to smuggling activity, who was sentenced before for analogous crime, and three more malefactors as well as former police man. The obligations of the members of the criminal grouping were strictly defined – time and place to meet the illegal migrants, elaboration of so-called rotes of secret transportation, accompaniment and direct transportation of the migrants beyond the check point.

On May 5, 2013 the members of the criminal grouping met four illegal migrants in the suburb of the village Orekhovytsya, Uzhgorod region and planned to deliver them directly to the border area, where the smuggler waited for them to transport to Slovakia. In the evening of the same day, on the territory of Perechyn and V.Bereznyi regions SSU officers detained two cars at the same time, where there were 4 illegal migrants without any any documents and 5 local residents. The malefactors transported the migrants in the car boot.

Uzhgorod Municipal Regional Court returned guilty five citizens of Ukraine in accordance with Part 3 Article 331 (organization of illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine, committed as to several persons by organized group for mercenary ends) of Crime Code of Ukraine and defined punishment in the form of imprisonment for 3 years with probation period of 3 years to each.