Google maps took Georgians to Transcarpathian border guards


In the frames of realization of special actions on counteraction to illegal migration, border guards of Chop Detachment detained the next happiness seekers, who intended to get to EU.

Two men were walking along the border of Transcarpathia in the direction to Slovakia. The border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” detected them long before. When unfamiliar persons came closer to the state border in the distance of about 500 m, border detail conducted the detention. The detainees introduced themselves as citizens of Georgia, but they could not confirm this by absence of the documents. They also reported that they made their way to Slovakia, from where they planned to get to Great Britain. By the way, on men’s confession they planned their route through Ukrainian-Slovakian border with the help of Internet Service Google maps.

The trespassers were delivered to subdivision aiming at clarification of the circumstances of the infringement and processing administrative and procedural documents. Decision on responsibility before the law and further destiny of the detainees will be defined by the court.