Hungary remains eastern gates of Schengen zone for migrants


Hungary experiences a great flow of migrants: if last year 2 000 persons asked asylum in the country, so this not finished year there are already 17 thousand asylum seekers.

NGOs declare that authorities of the country are ready for this neither practically nor on legislation point of view. “Why we escaped Serbia, what problems were there – nobody interests here in these questions. We have been told straight to eyes that we will not be granted asylum here – that is all.”

The government replies to it that the majority of migrants uses Hungary just as intermediated stop and goes further; those deciding to stay can, for sure, rely on assistance, there are a lot of existing opportunities here.

Zhuzhanna Veg, chief of Immigration Department:

«Considering the fact that many of those arriving here soon depart not waiting for consideration of their case – those who are left can be provided with adequate asylum».

Still, because of such a scale flow of refugees, the government needs to increase the number of the staff working in the camps for the migrants.

Andrash Kovatsh, director of Hungarian Association of Migrants:

«Experts dealing with this service and immigration system in general, do not always have necessary experience and preparation, so from time to time we receive signals about problems and conflicts».

In any case considering conditions are unsatisfactory in general, migrants get at least lodging for night and meals in the camp.

As it is reported by the correspondent Andrea Hayagosh,

«No one knows if strong flow decreases in the nearest time – as Bulgarian and Romania in the beginning of the next year will not join Schengen and in such a way Hungary will remain the eastern gates of the Schengen zone».