Six Turks intended to take the border of Transcarpathia with bare hands


Six citizens of Turkey were detected far from the border by border guards of Mukachevo Detachment.  The trespassers were stopped in the suburb of the village Yanoshy, Beregovo region, Transcarpathian oblast. While checking the law enforcement agents established that the foreign citizens got to the territory of Ukraine by legal way, however, afterwards they intended to cross the border beyond the check point. There were two men, woman and three children of 9, 12 and 14 years old among the tourists. Besides, the citizens reported that they had arrived to border area by taxi, and then they planned to go to Hungary with the help of the map, which they had bought before in Ukraine. It was also learned that the citizens of Turkey hided their identification documents in the bushes nearby the place of their detention by the border guards.

At the present moment, detainees are delivered to detention centre of the detachment in order to establish the details of the infringement.