Moldavian attempted to cross Ukrainian-Russian border two times


The citizen of Moldova trying to cross Ukrainian-Russian border was apprehended in the morning in Sumy oblast. The man intended to cross the border nearby the village of Chuikivka, Yampilskyi region avoiding the check point. However, the district inspector of border service of BS “Svesa” noticed the trespasser during the check of the state border. The man had passport of the citizen of Moldova containing entry prohibition to Russian Federation. Moreover, it was found that it was the same citizen, which was apprehended by the border guards of mobile check point “Sumy” while intending the border at the same direction two days ago. Moldavian was fined for 1700 UAH for the present infringement. 24-year-old “traveler” will have to pay the fine in the sum of 3400 UAH for attempt to cross the border illegally according to the court decision.