Ukrainian and Russian border guards had to stop 11 citizens of India for three times


On December 15, border guards of Kharkiv Detachment did not let pass 11 citizens of India. The regular bus “Voronezh – Kharkiv” arrived in the afternoon to the check point “Goptivka”. In the course of the border control 11 passengers of the bus could not confirm the goal of their trip to Ukraine. As it was established in the further verification, thee citizens had already been not admitted to enter Ukraine on December 13 by the border guards of Luhansk Detachment in the check point “Dolzhanskyi”. They intended to cross the border by the minibus and likewise they could not specify the goal of their trip to the country. Besides, Russian border guards stopped these citizens on December 14. They wanted to cross Russian-Ukrainian border in the check point “Dovzhanskyi”.

So far, after finding out the details of the infringement, the citizens of India were handed over to Russian border guards.