Senegalese travelled to France to play football on his brother’s passport


Border guards of Lutsk Detachment detected the violators at checkpoint ” Yagodyn-auto”, who tried to cross the border on someone else’s passport.

During the border control of the regular bus “Kyiv – Warsaw ” inspector suspected one of the passengers in non-correspondence of the photo in the bearer’s passport. The man claimed that he was French citizen, but an in-depth study of the document indicated otherwise. Further on, while establishing all circumstances of the infringement, the traveler confessed that he was a citizen of the Republic of Senegal and tried to get to France to Paris for work to one of the football clubs. He also told that he decided to travel by his own brother’s passport, as a legal way to get a visa failed.

Currently, the measures undertaken to establish the personality of the trespasser with further prosecution for violation of the state border of Ukraine go on.