In 2013 – almost 100 million persons were registered in the check points, the half of which were the foreigners


In the course of the last years, permanent growth of passenger and transport flows is considered at the state border of Ukraine. For instance, in 2004 the fixed index of passenger flow comprised 67 million persons, in 2008 – 89 million. Yet, during the year 2013 almost 100 million persons (99,31 million) were registered in the check points and more than 21 million transport means, which is 7% and 4% more in comparison with the previous year. At the same time 47,5 million citizens were Ukrainians, and almost 52 million – foreigners. While travelling the majority of Ukrainians crossed Ukrainian-Polish border (30% out of total number) and Ukrainian-Russian border (25%), 15% made their way via aviation check points. Out of total number of the foreigners, more than the third (37%) crossed the border from Russia, Moldova (21%), Belarus (16%) and 10% were traveling by planes.