Two Georgians, Turk and Kazakh intended to cross the state border of Ukraine illegally


SBGS staff detected and handed the citizen of Georgia to MOI officers in the check point “Zhulyany”. In the course of documents verification, border guards detected that the passengers of the flight “Kyiv-Kutaisi” had forged residence certificate on permanent living in Ukraine.

One more Georgian was detained by the border detail of BS “Milove” in Luhansk oblast. The man was walking beyond the check point and had a certificate from institution of confinement.

Border guards of BS “Porubne” of Chernivtsi Detachment detained the citizen of Turkey while he was trying to cross the state border illegally. The man reported that he intended to cross the border avoiding the check point because he did not have Ukrainian visa. By decision of Glybotskyi Regional Court, detainee was imposed a fine in the sum of 1700 UAH. Also, the citizen of Turkey was given a ruling on ban to enter Ukraine for the term of 3 years.

Besides, border detail of Chop Detachment stopped the violator in Transcarpathia. The man was apprehended by the law enforcement agents in the area of BS “Tysa” 100 m before the state border. The traveller informed that he was the citizen of Kazakhstan and as if he did not remember how he got to Ukraine.