Since the beginning of the year a certain activation has been registered of citizens from Syria, who intend to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine


Lately, State Border Service of Ukraine has marked a certain increase in the number of intentions to cross the state border of Ukraine by the citizens of Syria. First of all, it is connected with escalation of social and political situation in the Nearest East and activation of migration processes. The majority of migrants uses Ukraine as transit territory and then, they try to get to EU countries. Herewith, the legal ways of entrance are used as well as migrants intend to cross the border beyond the check point.

Choosing the legal channels of entering Ukraine, Syrians travel directly through the check points on the basis of private invitations for studies at higher educational establishments of Ukraine, employment permissions or with tourist goal. However, as a rule, during the interview they cannot confirm the goal of their trip. Also, they use valid documents issued on someone’s constituent data and forged documents of the citizens of other countries, etc. using illegal channels, they make their way through the “green” area of the state border or hide in the vehicles.

For example, two illegal migrants from Syria were detained in Bukovyn in the check point “Porubne”. They were hiding in the truck in the load. The man and woman of 30 years old were the spouses. They reported that they intended to get to one of the countries of European Union aiming at improving their life conditions.

An interesting case happened also in the airport “Boryspil”. In the course of identity check of the passengers traveling to Frankfurt, border guards detected Pseudo German. It was established that document of the citizen of Germany was not valid as its forms were stolen an issued upon other constituent data. The man giving the forgery explained that he was the citizen of Syria. He intended to get illegally to Germany using illegal document for further employment. The “traveler” was returned to Istanbul, and forgery was confiscated. One more Syrian with a forgery was found in the airport of Kharkiv. He departed to Vienna and presented the passport of the citizen of Switzerland. The forgery was detected by the border guards immediately as there were no protective elements in the document. The man informed that he traveled to the countries of European Union to get there refugee status. Also he told that false document was made in Greece by unknown persons for gratuity.

Altogether, 17 Syrians were apprehended for illegal cross of the state border in January of the current year, and 8 persons were not passed in the check points (in 2013 – 43 citizens of Syria were detained for illegal cross of the state border and 34 persons were not admitted in the check points).