Illegal migrants intended to cross the state border of Ukraine


Three citizens of Vietnam were detained at night by the border guards of Kharkiv Detachment in the area of responsibility of BS “Vovchansk”.  Border detail detected unfamiliar persons after the alarm system went off. The men traveling from Russia to Ukraine were stopped some hundred meters before the state border. The fact on crossing Ukrainian-Polish border was proven. Documents on administrative proceeding were prepared concerning the citizens of Vietnam. The violators were handed to neighboring side.

In Lviv oblast border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment detained three trespassers from Iran and Sri Lanka. Two Iranians tried to get to Poland beyond the check point. They were apprehended by the border guards of BS “Shegeni”. One more violator wishing to cross Ukrainian-Polish border was found by the border guards of the same detachment of BS “Nyzhankovychi”. The man being the citizen of Sri Lanka was noticed in the suburb of the village. He had Ukrainian temporary residence certificate. So far, details of the infringement are verified.

Besides, border guards of Chop Detachment detected Syrian. The man was stopped 200 m before the state border by the border guards of BS “Uzhgorod”.