Eight violators were detected in the check points having forged signs of SBGS


Three trespassers were detected during the identity check in the check points at the border on Russia by the staff of Kharkiv Border Detachment. Thus, citizen of Uzbekistan arriving by train “Moscow – Dnipropetrovsk” intended to cross the border with forged signs of State Border Guards Service of Ukraine. One more Uzbek with the same forgery wanted to depart by train “Kharkiv – St.Persburg”. In Kharkiv airport falsification of department signs was noticed by the border guards while checking the citizen of Georgia, who was planning to depart by the flight “Kharkiv – Kutaisi”. Besides, forged data stamps were exposed by the border guards in the airport “Boryspil” and in Sumy and Vinnytsya in the documents of the citizen of Azerbaijan and three citizens of Moldova. Protocols of administrative processing were prepared concerning all violators. Police officers were also informed on this point.

Source: http://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/about/news/news_3347.htm