Border guards detained 5 violators at the “green corridor”


Three trespassers were detained by the border guards of BS “Milove” of Luhansk Detachment. The silhouettes of unknown person were noticed by border detail with the help of thermal imager. The Reaction Group caught the violators nearby the border between Ukrainian village Milove and Russian one Chertkovo. The violators being 5 m before the state border were two citizens of Ukraine and one of Uzbekistan.

Two trespassers were apprehended by the border guards of BS “Topolya” in Kharkiv oblast. The men were caught immediately after the alarm system went off. The citizens of Tadzhikistan and Ukraine intended to avoid the check point.

One more violator was detained in Lviv oblast. The man was going by car through the check point “Shegeni”. The page with constituent data was changed in the passport of the citizen of Romania, which he presented for control to the border guards. Soon, the driver reported that he was the citizen of Moldova.