Five travelers from “the east” failed to overcome the Carpathians


Border guards of Chop Detachment detained 5 illegal migrants from “the east”. Four persons moving towards Ukrainian-Slovakian border were apprehended by the border detail of “Velykyi Bereznyi” at the approaches to the state board. Detainees explained that no documents they had and introduced themselves as the citizens of Afghanistan. Soon, the law enforcement agents learned that the man and woman (spouses) had already been detained for attempt to cross the border on Slovakia near Uzhgorod illegally. The similar voyage was for the first time for two other men, who were not familiar with the spouses and with each other.

Answering the question on the country of destination, one of the detainees informed that he wanted to get to Germany. The other violators reported about any other EU country on this point.

Border guards of BS “Verkhovyna Bystra” detained the citizen of Russian Federation. The man without any documents intended to get to one of the countries of Western Europe. The trespassers were delivered to subdivision for establishing the circumstances of the infringement and for preparing administrative and procedural documents. Decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be defined by the court.