Bykovyn gave shelter to 22 refugees and persons in need of subsidiary protection


There are 21 persons recognized as refugees and 1 person, who needs subsidiary protection, registered at Department of SMS of Ukraine in Chernivtsi oblast. They are – 2 citizens of Afghanistan, 6 – Azerbaijan, 1 – Serbia, 1 – Syria, 4 – Somalia, 7– Turkmenistan, 1 – Sri Lanka.

The first refugee certificate at newly created Department on Refugees and Persons in Need of Subsidiary Protection was received by minor citizen of Sri Lanka planning to study in Ukraine.

In order to learn Ukrainian language and to be integrated into Bukovyn society, young refugee will get the communication skills on the basis of one of the educational establishments of the oblast. Such a possibility is stipulated by the corresponding regional programs, SMS of the oblast as well as the representatives of oblast Education, Health Care and Social Protection take part in its realization.