Fourteen more Crimeans applied for refugee status in Poland


Lately, the western area of the border is crossed by the citizens of Ukraine, residents of the Crimean peninsula, rather frequently aiming at further granting of refugee status.  Thus, 14 more citizens, residents of the towns of Simferopol, Alyshta and Evpatariya travelled through the check point “Shegeni” to Republic of Poland. During the passport control, they reported about their wish not to live on the occupied territory and fear that violence would be applied to them. On this point, border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment informed the Polish colleagues and at their consent they took measures to assist their country fellows.

In the course of two weeks, about 65 persons crossed the state border in the area of responsibility of Mostytskyi Detachment aiming at further submission of request to authorized bodies of Poland on getting refugee status.