Kherson actively assisting forced migrants from AR Crimea


Migration Service of Kherson actively interacts with forced migrants from the Crimea. Employees of the Service carry on daily duty at the migration point, which is located at the railway station of the city, enabling Crimeans to apply specialists for advice, and the most importantly is to register for those citizens who were forced to come from the peninsula and seek social support at the place of temporary residence.

The most urgent problems with which Crimeans appeal is unlocking of bank accounts, social benefits for children, location registration of the citizens, getting passport services.

In order to unlock the bank accounts, including cards issued in the Crimea and Sevastopol, the Migration Service provides Crimeans with certificate of registration of residence place/stay of a person according to a form approved by the Ministry of Ukraine of 22.11.2012 No. 1077.

For the convenience of Crimeans to getting services of Migration Service, the head of the Department made ​​a proposal to the authority of oblast to postpone the replace of migration point to the administrative building of the Department. This will minimize the time spent by the inhabitants of the Crimea to receive administrative services and create optimal conditions for the employees of the service.

“The quality of service, simplified procedure and convenience to get the services by the Crimeans – the main goal of the Migration Service workers when servicing this category of people ,” – said the head of .

A considerable assistance in problems solution of peninsula residents is given by the Department of Emergency Situations and Civil Protection of Kherson City Council , Kherson City Centre of Social Service for Family, Children and Youth , Regional Employment Centres and others.

Ioanna Yevych

Chief Specialist of Public Relations and Media

DSMS of Ukraine in Kherson oblast