UNO: there are more than 3000 children-refugees in Ukraine


According to UNO calculations, since the beginning of March already 10 000 refugees have appeared, the third of which are children. According to the data of Agency, resettlement of Ukrainians from one region to another one has commenced before March referendum in the Crimea and since that time it constantly grows. Statistics on displacement of persons is formed on the basis of data provided by the Agency from the body of municipal authority. As it is mentioned, there are persons being resettled twice: the first time – from the Crimea, and then – from the east of Ukraine. The majority of resettled persons are Crimean Tatars, however municipal authority has also recently informed about the increase in the number of ethnic Ukrainians, Russians and mixed families. At least, the third of the refugees are children. The majority of the families moves to central (45%) and western Ukraine (26%), however, the part of persons has also been placed in the south and east. The number of asylum seekers from Ukraine to other countries renders to be low. The reasons reported by the resettled persons are: direct personal threatening, fears of persecution or general dangerous situation. Someone mentions threatening received by the phone either via social networks or in the form of messages found by them nearby their houses. People say about fear of persecution because of ethnic origin or religious beliefs. The journalists, human rights activists and intellectuals specify their professional activity as the reason of persecution. Others say that they cannot do business any more. The key problems arising before the internally displaced persons (IDPs) – is access to social services, availability of permanent housing and registration processing on the place of residence. The last one is necessary for access to economic and social rights as well as to means of existence. First of all, assistance to IDPs is organized through Oblast State Administration, public organizations and voluntary contributions of the citizens. People are provided with shelter by local municipal bodies or stay at private health resorts or hotels. At the present moment, others are placed in private housings. However, the opportunities of host citizens are quickly exhausted. The urgent problems are necessity in permanent residence, extension of opportunities on employment as well as support of public and local organizations in elaboration of long-term solutions for people, who have become internally displaced.