Trip of 2 citizens of Sri Lanka and 2 Algerians finished in Lviv


Border guards of Lvivskyi and Mostyskyi Detachments together with the staff of MOIdetected 5 people of Asian appearance in the course of operative and search actions in the suburb of the village Birky, Yavorivskyi region, Lviv oblast.

The men had no any documents and reported that they were thecitizens of Sri Lanka. There was a monor of 14 years old among those detainees.

Also, recentlyborder guards of BD “Szalahsi”, Lviv Detachment due to information received from the local residents detected two pseudo tourists in the border area, namely not far from the village of Nemiroff. During the conversation, the border guards found out that they were the citizens of Algeria. The men told that they wanted to avoid the checkpoint and illegally get into the EU.

The further destiny of all detainees will be decided by the court.