How settlers shall not become refugees

Iryna Vyrtosu


To avoid humanitarian catastrophe – mutual solutions were sought by authority, volunteers and international organizations.

According to Convention on Refugee Status, to which Ukraine joined in 2012, application of the word “refugee” to Ukrainian citizens is not correct. It is said exclusively about the settlers or internally displaced persons. Refugees flee their country to another one.

According to the statement of Monitoring Mission of UNO on human rights, so far the “second wave” of settlers has started, besides of vulnerable groups of population – disable people, senior men and women, pregnant women, children.

However, nowadays, there is actually no system of registration and recording of displaced persons. The governmental statistics includes only those applying for help to Coordination Aid Centre for settlers from AR Crimea., Donets and Luhansk oblasts. As to June 13, 2014 this centre has registered only 3009 settlers in Kharkiv oblast. But, everybody engaging in issues of the settlers affirms that this number is sufficiently greater.