Settlers in Transcarpathia: dwelling, land and employment


Issues on effective assistance to residents of the eastern oblasts of Ukraine were discussed at the meeting in Uzhgorod. Namely those attended, who had found themselves in difficult situation and volunteers – representatives of CO “Medical Aid Committee in Zakarpattya”, PO “Neyemiya” and journalists being actively engaged in help to the settlers and Ukrainian militaries in the course of the last months.

There were many women with children at the meeting. They as several families of the settlers asked not to take photo of them as they were much afraid of their lives on their return back home. “You better do not take photos of us. The Internet is such a widespread thing and I do not want to have problems then”, – a not tall woman with a boy on her hands told, who had arrived from Severodonetsk, Luhansk oblast. She even did not wish to introduce herself, but she reported that there was her brother staying at home negatively regarding her choice to go to “banderas”. She herself, as her country fellows from Luhansk, was very surprised by Transcarpathian hospitability and sincerity. As it was turned out, at least 10 families had made a decision to stay in Transcarpathia forever.

The most urgent problems bothering the settlers from the East were – dwelling, allotment of land areas and employment. Situation with the third problem complicates the fact that many enterprises in the East are destroyed or burned as well as all documentation with them. In a result, people are not able to get work record and without them Transcarpathian Employment Centre cannot register them. Volunteers, in their turn, proposed the list of vacancies to the settlers, which was formed for them. Father Olexandr Panasenko stresses that situation in the east of Ukraine will not become better neither for a week nor for two, thus it is necessary to interact actively and help each other. He asked people not to be afraid to apply for assistance, especially, when it concerns a dialogue with local authority.

By the way, no representative of oblast authority attended the meeting.