UNO: there are already 54.4 thousand displaced persons in Ukraine


The United Nations Organization reported that the number of people who were forced to leave their homes in a result of disturbance in Ukraine has increased to 54 400. Among them only during the last week 16 400 people fled of fighting in the east oblasts.

According to information of UNO, yet 110 thousand people – mostly from the eastern regions – moved this year from Ukraine to Russia, however only 9500 applied officially for the refugee status in that country.

From mid-April, when fighting had broken out in the east of Ukraine, the conflict killed hundreds of people, but there is no exact number of dead civilians, and how much members of fighting groups.

The leadership of Donetsk separatists states that about 800 militants and some 250 civilians were killed in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. This is the first assessment of victims of armed actions provided by the leadership of the separatists.

Last week, the UNO released a valuation under which since May 7 at least 356 people, including 257 civilians were killed in the east of Ukraine.

“The rapid jump”

The data presented by the UNO cover displaced people who fled their homes after the annexation of the Crimea by Russia and as a result of the fighting in the east of Ukraine.

Speaking in Geneva, the spokesperson of the UN High Commissioner on Refugees Issues, ┬áMelissa Fleming said: “We observe a rapid jump in the number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine.”

In addition to that Ukrainians departed to Russia, yet approximately 700 persons got to Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic and Romania, she mentioned.