Again border guards detected “travelers” on the vessel under the lorries


Border guards of Odessa detachment in the check point “ Illichivsk seaport” prevented the illegal cross of the state border by the trespassers. They were detected on the vessel «Sea Partner» arrived under the flag of Panama during the detailed inspection of the lorries transported by this vessel. The service dog was the first to find the “passengers”. Carefully examining the constructive special features of the lorries, the border guards detected 8 persons, who were hiding between the back wheels of the trailers of several cars. They had no any documents, however it was learned that three of them were the citizens of Morocco, three more – citizens of Syria, and two were the citizens of Libya.

As it was explained by the very detainees, they intended to get to the countries of European Union secretly.

By the way, last week border guards detected two more such “travelers” – citizen of Palestine and citizen of Morocco. Thetravelers also hided between the back wheels, namely on the back axle of the trailer of one of the lorries.