One of the detained persons in Volyn had a photo with gunmen


Two citizens of Syria were apprehended in responsible area of BS “Grabove” by the border guards of Lutsk Detachment. One of local inhabitants informed about their appearance in the border area. Soon, border detail detained two citizens of Arabian appearance nearby control and investigation line. The men were looking for the way the Western Buh with the help of the map of Volyn oblast. Meanwhile, detainees reported that as if they made their way to their relatives, who worked in Polish city Vlodava. According to the results of the investigation it was managed to establish that foreigners got to Ukraine in 2007 and 2009 aiming to studying in Luhansk. Besides, there were photos in the personal stuff with the gunmen now conducting fighting in the east of Ukraine. As one of the detainee explained he just sold fast food at the railway station of Luhansk and in the beginning of the fighting actions made several photos with the gunmen. Is it truth or not – will be established soon. So far, SSU staff carries out verification action as to possible participation of the detainees in terrorist groupings.