Refugee from Donbass has just learned in Uzhgorod that she herself became “bandera”


Passive refugees from the east are reeducated in the west of Ukraine and become activists protecting the integrity of Ukraine. It was written by Dariya Alexandrovna at the page of social network Facebook, refugee from Donetsk, who was forced to leave ATO zone to Uzhgorod.

“When I arrived to Uzhgorod I got acquainted here with a woman of my age from Kramatorsk. We lived in one house, in a new unfamiliar town, and were distressed for the family left in ATO zone, thus we became friends very quickly. Ira was on her early stage of pregnancy and to avoid difficulties her husband made her to depart from Kramatorsk. She was from those “we are for peace” – she did not attend referendums, she did not fall under the tanks and did not call for “Putin, lenter your military forces!”, but also not obviously differing by public spirit, however, her husband staying in occupied city was ardent “Ukrainian”. She was very distressed that friends and familiars would not inform “some people” about pro-Ukrainian opinions of her husband. But herself, she kept neutrality not trying to accuse one of the sides. She worked as a cook in the cook-shop of one of Kramatorsk factories providing the Ukrainian militaries as well in spring, thus, she was deprived of illusions about the “right sectors” and “fascists.” Their house is located on a hill near the airfield, so they experienced firsthand who was bombing and shooting,”- said the woman.

According to her words, the resident of Kramatorsk preferred “to be above all the squabbling and not act rashly.” “She is from the majority of those in Donbass, and it is due to the low cultural level of life. Manifesting her views, Ira was quite​​, she preferred to endure the pain, if not only worrying the local physician once again. And indeed propaganda about fascist-banderas was vivid and Ira was shamed of speaking about it”, – it was written by Alexandrovna.

She marked that the residents of Uzhgorod felt for forced persons. “…every evening we constantly discussed how is different the mentality in the west of the country and it is the usual thing here, which could not been imagined in the street of our native towns”, – the woman stressed.

According to the words of Aleksandrov, as soon as Kramatorsk was freed, her migrant-friend departed. “We had started to call each other from time to time yet she was travelling in the train. We keep on touch even now. And the thing I have understood: Kramatorsk got back a new person. Bright “bandera” with strong civilian position returned to the town instead of quiet woman without her personal opinion” – refugee from Donetsk said.

“She calls me and tells with divergent response that her country fellows are still the same – they blame National Guard believing in myths about banderas eating Russian babies, they spread information about crucified boys and the like. But if “previous” Ira would listen silently and believing in much things, so “new” Ira does not keep silent. She argues, proves, has conflicts with single-minded old woman, makes example of her personal experience. And judging by the undying optimism in her voice, I believe that Kramatorsk proudly rises from the ashes, if Ira will convince at least half of her friends, “- Alexandrova underlined.

The woman believes that this “re-education” became ​​possible “only because the locals of Uzhgorod showed a drop of sympathy and warm hospitality.”

“Do not try to prove someone that there are no militant Nazi-Bandera in the western Ukraine, nor must it be assumed that there are only entirely stupid person in Donbas. Just be yourself, and then everything will fall into its right place!” – refugee from Donetsk summed up.