Transcarpathia has already officially sheltered 955 refugees from the Crimea and the East of the country


It was said at the video conference in Uzhgorod with the regional headquarters on issues of social support of the citizens displaced from the temporary occupied territory and regions of realization of anti-terroristic operation (ATO).

The meeting was conducted under the chairmanship of Vice-minister of Ukraine – Minister of Regional Development, Building and Housing-Communal Service, Vladimir Groisman. As of August 4, 955 citizens have been registered, who arrived from the temporary occupied territory and regions of realization of (ATO).

Out of them 733 persons are from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and 222 – from AR Crimea. There are 398 appeals are considered as well as applications on rendering assistance in the course of the work of the regional headquarter.  All citizens applying to the regional headquarter are provided with the temporary housing.

Nowadays, the work of the regional and municipal headquarters is realized in 24-hour regimen. There is a hot line (61-22-20) working to present the explanations to the citizens about the possibility to get social support on the place of temporary residence on the territory of Transcarpathian oblast.

As it was mentioned by the Vice-premier-minister Vladimir Groisman, today the top priority task is to provide temporarily displaced person with the corresponding housing conditions during autumn-winter period besides the solution of other current problems.